How pasture and feed can affect your horse


You will be amazed at how much various aspects of pasture and feed can impact on the health and temperament of all horses.
Go through the list of symptoms carefully.

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Find out what's wrong with your horse, using the Gotcha Equine Health Checklist.


Determine if your horse has mineral imbalances or general vitamin and mineral shortage, noting that
myco-toxicity and magnesium deficiency have very similar symptoms.




Use the Gotcha Equine Feed Plan for consistently calm, healthy horses and happy owners.


From years of experience we have found the best strategy for solving problems is to ensure you're feeding your horse properly, then see which problems remain after a month or two.

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Millie's Great


"Even the vet noticed a big change".

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Balanced Inside
and Out!

Horses need to be happy, healthy
and balanced


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A Journey Together


Jasmine suffering from the effects of poor nutrition as a foal…

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Paddocks, Yards and Grasses

All about grasses and more!

Learn about oxalate grasses, myco-toxins, mineral imbalances, horse safe hay and more.


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ProVide It Products

Starter Kits Available

On Grass Vit & Min, daily supplement
Oxalate/High Demand Vit & Min, daily supplement
Very Grass Affected Vit & Min
Mag Max, for times of stress
or extra magnesium
De-Tox, binds Mycotoxins
In Health, for well formed manure

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Why I'm sharing this information

We never stop learning and if your willing to listen, your horse could be your greatest teacher.

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